Notes And Updates for June 7, 2013

  • Sadly, the 2% cash-back Priceline Visa Rewards card is no longer available.  There are other, far less lucrative versions of the Priceline card, but you’re much better off with one of the other 2% – 2.2% cash-back options.
  • In other bad news, the “rogue” link to the 50,000-mile offer on the Citi AAdvantage card has finally been disabled.
  • Google Wallet has instated its previously-waived 2.9% transaction fee on credit card payments.  It’s still free to make payments through checking accounts, but the opportunity to manufacture credit card spend has met its demise.
  • Man. What a rough day all around…

    • David


  • B

    No credit or debit card fees for your first $250.00!*

    After $250.00 (cumulative), there will be a 2.9% fee, with a minimum fee of $0.30. Remember, sending money from a bank account is always free.

    *Promotional period ends June 30, 2013.

    • David

      Wow, it’s back! Thanks for the tip — updated post coming shortly…

      • David

        Oh nevermind, it’s just waived up to $250 per user. Not particularly helpful :/