Free Money: Will Pay You $8 Each Week To Use Their Platform For Your Online Food Orders

This one falls squarely into the category of not-going-to-make-you-rich-but-certainly-doesn’t-hurt: is trying so hard to compete with Seamless/GrubHub that it’s apparently willing to give away $8 or more each week to lure customers to its online-ordering platform. There’s no real magic, or even difficulty, here — just sign up for a account, accept marketing […]

ApplePay: Some Initial Thoughts and Observations

Being the nerd that I am, I immediately set up ApplePay on my iPhone and ran across the street to Duane Reade to test it out.  Here are some initial thoughts about the process of setting up and using ApplePay, as well as a few miscellaneous observations: Setup:  Setting up ApplePay was slightly less intuitive […]

The TD Easy Rewards Card: 5% Cash Back on Dining, Groceries, Gas, and Cable, Phone and Utility Bills for 6 Months, Plus $100

This offer probably isn’t getting the attention it deserves.  For the first six billing cycles, the TD Easy Rewards card offers 5 “easy rewards” points (which can be converted into cash or a statement credit at a rate of 1 cent per point) for each dollar spent on dining, groceries, and gas purchases, as well […]

Points On The Dollar Is BACK — And No Longer Constrained By Affiliate Sponsors!

After a long hiatus, Points on the Dollar has returned!  With much more time on my hands these days (more on that later), I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on personal finance, travel, and whatever else floats my boat.  And there will be a few significant changes around here, the most important of which […]

I Know I Said I Wouldn’t Do This

But when I pledged to refrain from pictorially gloating about the details of our hotel rooms, I hadn’t realized we’d have a glass floor in our overwater bungalow, and we have a glass floor in our overwater bungalow.  What can I say — willpower has its limits. On that note, Eleni and I have decided […]

Does Marriage Make Men Less Productive?

As a general matter, I suspect not.  But I just got married on Saturday, and I thought I’d mention that I expect a decline in my productivity over the next two weeks while Eleni and I head are on our honeymoon.  Rest assured that Points on the Dollar is still alive and well – in […]