How I Estimate The Value Of Points And Miles

Placing an absolute value on a particular type of point or mile is a highly abstract and nearly impossible task.  I realize that this might sound like a pretty compelling reason not to continue to read my blog — given that I purport to dole out advice on how to earn and spend points efficiently […]

How To Obtain Your Credit Score For Free (No Credit Card Or Trial Period Required)

Most people know that they are entitled to receive their free credit report from each credit reporting agency once per year, but trying to obtain your credit score for free can be a nightmare.  It can be done, but it usually requires you to provide your credit card number and then, after you’ve received your […]

How I Think About Annual Fees, And Justify Some of Them

Many people will not even consider applying for a credit card that carries an annual fee, but I think that this categorical exclusion is a huge mistake because the vast majority of top-notch credit cards charge an annual fee and provide benefits that greatly outweigh that fee.  With that in mind, here are some important […]

An Introduction To The Three Major Flexible Points Currencies, And How They Render Your Airline-Specific Credit Card (Nearly) Obsolete

The best credit cards earn flexible points, and by that I mean points that can be transferred to a variety of different loyalty programs.  The beauty of accumulating flexible points, as opposed to points or miles that are specific to any one particular loyalty program, is that they allow you to defer your redemption decision […]

Aren’t All Of Those Credit Card Applications Killing Your Credit Score?

I apply for approximately 4-6 credit cards per year, which seems crazy, or at least very irresponsible, to most people.  I keep some of the cards for long-term use, but apply for others for the sole purpose of obtaining a hefty signup bonus.  For this latter category, I meet the minimum spend threshold required to […]

Why (And How) You Should Be Earning A Kickback Of At Least 2% On All Of Your Credit Card Purchases

Credit card rewards come in many forms — including cash, points, miles, and statement credits — but if you have a good credit score and your rewards are not worth at least 2 cents on the dollar, you’re leaving money on the table on every single purchase. The 2% Minimum Where does that baseline rebate […]