A New Approach To Avoid Falling Victim To Airport Currency-Exchange Fees

Most people are well-aware that airport currency-exchange kiosks offer terrible exchange rates.  And while it’s easy to avoid those rates when buying foreign currency — by making a withdrawal from an ATM rather than swapping cash – there’s no great alternative for selling unused currency before returning home.  I usually end up stacking my bills […]

How To Earn Free Points And Miles By Enrolling In Dining Programs

One of the easiest ways to rack up points and miles with almost no effort whatsoever is to enroll your credit cards in airline and hotel dining programs.  Simply register your cards with a given program (you can register up to five cards per program), and then every time you use a registered card at […]

Wallaby: The Start-Up That May Change The Way You Pay

Last Thursday, I had breakfast with Matthew Goldman, the CEO of Wallaby Financial.  Wallaby is a promising start-up company with two related products: the Wallaby mobile app, which identifies the most rewarding credit card in your wallet for a given purchase, and the Wallaby card, which, once released, will link to your other credit cards […]

How To Obtain Your Credit Score For Free (No Credit Card Or Trial Period Required)

Most people know that they are entitled to receive their free credit report from each credit reporting agency once per year, but trying to obtain your credit score for free can be a nightmare.  It can be done, but it usually requires you to provide your credit card number and then, after you’ve received your […]

Keeping Track Of Your Points And Miles

To use points and miles effectively, it’s critical to be aware of how many points or miles of a given variety you actually have.  Fortunately, there are several great services that can help consumers keep track of their various loyalty programs and account balances by consolidating the information in a centralized location.  I use AwardWallet, […]