Why Everyone Should Have At Least One No-Annual-Fee Credit Card

Most of my favorite credit cards have annual fees.  The real top-tier credit cards deliver enough value to justify their annual fees several times over — by way of signup bonuses, rewards for spending (points, miles, or cash), and non-spending-related perks (like free checked bags with an airline credit card).  That said, everyone should have […]

How To Obtain Your Credit Score For Free (No Credit Card Or Trial Period Required)

Most people know that they are entitled to receive their free credit report from each credit reporting agency once per year, but trying to obtain your credit score for free can be a nightmare.  It can be done, but it usually requires you to provide your credit card number and then, after you’ve received your […]

Aren’t All Of Those Credit Card Applications Killing Your Credit Score?

I apply for approximately 4-6 credit cards per year, which seems crazy, or at least very irresponsible, to most people.  I keep some of the cards for long-term use, but apply for others for the sole purpose of obtaining a hefty signup bonus.  For this latter category, I meet the minimum spend threshold required to […]