Beware: The Incredibly Misleading “MagsforMiles” Program

You’ve probably heard of the “MagsforMiles” program, or at least received one of their letters imploring you to buy magazine subscriptions with your frequent flyer miles.  The program partners with most domestic airlines — Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, Spirit, United, and US Airways — and sends it sales pitch to anyone who’s enrolled in […]

When Points Of The Same Name Aren’t Actually The Same

A couple weeks ago, I posted about an important mistake on the application landing page for the American Express Blue card.  The application page stated that Membership Rewards points earned on the Blue card could be transferred to American Express’s airline and hotel partners: Unfortunately, that’s simply not true: Membership Rewards points held in a […]

Looking For Discounts On TurboTax? Don’t Bother.

Warning:  As of March 24, 2013, some of the information contained in this post is outdated, so please read this post for more current information! I have used TurboTax for years, and have no problem whatsoever with the quality of the product, but its pricing schemes are less transparent than a papal election.  To illustrate […]

Just As I Was Becoming Less Cynical About The World, I Discovered The “Travelocity Guarantee.” Back To Square One.

I’ve been using Travelocity to book flights quite a bit lately because Travelocity bookings earn two extra points per dollar through the Chase Ultimate Rewards mall.  So in addition to the two points per dollar I’d normally earn on travel purchases with my Sapphire Preferred card, I earn an additional two points per dollar by […]